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米莉茉莉系列丛书《一个秘密的地方》- (Milly, Molly Help the Animals (Simplified Chinese)

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Edukacja Książki
Desenvolvedor: Kiwa Digital Limited
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你会在KIWA™ Book 的儿童故事书里发现这些精彩的故事活过来。孩子们喜欢能够与他们互动的故事书,只要把手指在银幕上点任何文字,就可以学习发音。他们会很乐意在书上着色,以及把自己朗读的故事录起来。


•刷读™ 文字来听与播放故事。
•点来听™ 单词朗读。

KIWA™ Book 真实的提供多种语言的经验,无论老少它是个学习新语言的好工具。这本KIWA™ Book 包括文字,文字朗读,与在这些语言的用户界面:



兼容 iPad
需要 iOS 7 +


Kiwa Digital Ltd. 制作多语言的数位内容,创建资讯科技解决方案和发展数位出版和娱乐界的产品和服务。

From the Milly, Molly series of childrens books, Milly, Molly Help the Animals is now available as an interactive digital KIWA BOOK™. Milly and Molly prove too much for the developers.

The Milly, Molly adventure stories promote the acceptance of diversity and the learning of life skills, and deal with the kinds of questions and challenges that children face every day. Written for children between the ages of four and eight.


- Swipe-to-Read™
- Touch-to-Hear™
- Touch-to-Spell™
- Read-to-me and read-it-myself options
- Record your narration
- Colour in the illustrations
- Animation and sound effects
- A child-friendly user interface
- Background music that can be turned on and off

This digital book contains text and audio in Simplified Chinese.

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